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Reading to Kids Taskforce Members

Last updated Tuesday, November 14, 2023

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Name Committees    (* denotes chair)
Ahmed, Sana   Strategic Planning, Training
Amado McFadyen, Candice   
Amy, Rene   Operations
Anton, Pamela   Operations
Bakkar, Erika   Curriculum
Baumgartner, Steve   Training
Brady, Dalet   Curriculum, Strategic Planning
Callahan, David   Curriculum, Operations
Carabio, Tanya   Curriculum
Chew, Robyn   Curriculum
Chung, Paul   Operations
Collins, Talethe   
Dandridge, Yma   
Davis, Danielle   
Dunning, Jessica   Marketing*, Operations
Epstein, Tina   
Flowers, Melanie   
Green, Vanessa   Operations
Guevarra, Christina   Curriculum, Operations
Harper-Smith, Kirstin   Operations*
Hernandez, Edgar   Operations
Horn, Heather   Operations
Howard, Alexea   
Ito, Jonathan   Information Technology
Javdan, Mona   Curriculum, Marketing
Jones, Katie   Operations
Jones, Matthew   Strategic Planning
Keenan, Teig   Operations
Kelly, Ciara   All Commmittees
Kolsrud, Erica   
Kuhn, Lauren   Operations
Landaverde, Karen   
Lee, Jessica   Operations, Marketing*
Loney, Andrea   Curriculum
Marcelin, Jade   Curriculum, Special Events
Martin, Christopher   Special Events, Training*
May, Mark   Operations*, Special Events, Strategic Planning
Montes, Cynthia   Operations, Strategic Planning, Training*
Morris, Sean   Operations, Strategic Planning
Oktay, Ali   Operations
Orchard, Carrie   Curriculum*
Orchard, Charlie   ALL COMMITTEES
Perez, David   Training
Persaud, Satya   Operations
Rickard, David   Curriculum, Information Technology
Rivera, Jacqueline   Marketing*, Operations, Training
Robinson, Tanea   Operations, Special Events, Training
Rodriguez Coe, Yancy   All Committees
Rossney, Glenn   Operations
Rubio, Mariel   Operations
Sandersfeld, Emily   Curriculum*, Operations
Sanderson, Tina   Operations
Selvage III, Prince   Special Events*, Strategic Planning, Training
Shimano, Rich   Curriculum, Strategic Planning, Information Technology*
Shioya, Susan   Curriculum
Smith, Jen   Curriculum, Marketing, Operations, Special Events, Training, Training
Stevenson, Sonia   
Taylor, Stephen   
Thompson, Stan   Training
Vasquez, Paula   Special Events
White, Patrick   Operations
Wilson, Kori   Special Events*, Training, Marketing
Yoshimura, Susan   Curriculum, Marketing, Strategic Planning