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Last updated November 11, 2013

UCLA Community Service Commission Day of Service

Reading to Kids thanks the participants of the UCLA Community Service Commission Day of Service who volunteer at our reading clubs.

"Since 1965, the Community Service Commission (CSC) has focused its efforts towards creating social change, understanding the greater Los Angeles and Tijuana community, and promoting campus-wide service programming. CSC represents 23 student-run community service projects and over 2,000 students each year, making CSC the largest completely student-run, student-initiated community service organization in the nation... CSC projects strive to provide communities with the tools to empower themselves and challenge the structures and barriers that keep them from achieving their goals The commission also aims to centralize the service efforts of the UCLA campus community through large-scale service programming, Alternative Spring Break, collaborations, and issues awareness."

"Day of Service is a campus-wide volunteering event that provides an opportunity for UCLA students to go out into the Los Angeles community and spend a day serving those in need."