There Is a Bird On Your Head! (An Elephant and Piggie Book)

Last updated Friday, January 12, 2018

Author: Mo Willems
Date of Publication: 2007
ISBN: 1423106865
Grade Level: Kindergarten    (GLCs: Click here for grade level guidelines.)
Date(s) Used: Jan. 2018

Synopsis: Gerald is careful. Piggie is not. Piggie cannot help smiling. Gerald can. Gerald worries so that Piggie does not have to. Gerald and Piggie are best friends.

In There Is a Bird On My Head!, Gerald discovers that there is something worse than a bird on your head-two birds on your head! Can Piggie help her best friend?

Discussion topics for before reading:
•  What kind of birds have you seen in your neighborhood or around your school?
•  Have you ever seen a bird making its nest?
•  Have you ever seen a bird on an elephant's head?


•  Nest - a structure used by a bird to lay eggs and rear young. Nests are built in trees and other protected places using materials such as twigs and mud.
•  Hatching - (of an egg) open and produce a young animal.

Discussion topics for during/after reading:
•  How would you feel if a bird landed on your head?
•  Would you ask the bird to leave?
•  Why did the birds make a nest on Elephant's head?
•  How many birds were on Elephant's head? How many eggs? How many baby chicks?

Craft ideas:
•  Make bird, Elephant or Piggie puppets.
•  Create a bird's nest using a paper plate or construction paper cut in a half circle. Add bits of yarn, string, pipe cleaners, etc. Add some eggs or baby chicks cut out of paper.
•  Make a bird out of a paper plate.
•  Check our January craft ideas on Pinterest!

*Note: These craft ideas are just suggestions. You can use them, but you don’t have to use them. You can expand upon them, or add your own twist. Remember, though, that the focus of your time should not be on the development and execution of a craft; the focus should be on the read-aloud and the enjoyment of the book!