The Boy Who Cried Ninja

Last updated Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Author: Alex Latimer
Date of Publication:
ISBN: 1561455792
Grade Level: 1st    (GLCs: Click here for grade level guidelines.)
Date(s) Used: May 2013

Synopsis: In this quirky twist on The Boy Who Cried Wolf, a boy's excuses turn out to have an unexpected element of truth.

Discussion topics for before reading:
•  What is a ninja?
•  Have you heard of the boy who cried wolf?

•  Crept- to move slowly on your hands and knees
•  Confess- to acknowledge or reveal something
•  Owned up- to admit that one has done something

Discussion topics for during/after reading:
•  Have you ever written a letter?
•  Who would you invite to your party?
•  Do you have to water plants or rake leaves at home?
•  Has your dog ever eaten your homework?

Craft ideas:
•  Make a ninja mask to wear using construction paper or a paper plate
•  Make a pirate hat or party hat using construction paper
•  Draw a picture of the guests you would like to invite to your party

*Note: These craft ideas are just suggestions. You can use them, but you don’t have to use them. You can expand upon them, or add your own twist. Remember, though, that the focus of your time should not be on the development and execution of a craft; the focus should be on the read-aloud and the enjoyment of the book!