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Last updated July 12, 2005

Several of the volunteers of Reading to Kids began a relationship with Gratts Elementary School by organizing periodic carnivals at the school. Looking to start an additional program with the school that would emphasize learning, the volunteers, teachers, and administrators came up with the idea of the "Gratts Reading Club." This reading club began in May 1999, and its success led to the formation of Reading to Kids.

School Map

At the school level, the teachers and administrators are essential in running the reading clubs. The principals, assistant principals, teachers, and literacy coordinators recruit the students each month, select the books that are used in the program, and provide overall guidance as to the needs of the schools. Teachers at the schools also lead the training provided for volunteers and parents.

In March 2000, Reading to Kids expanded its program to Esperanza Elementary School, and in March 2001, it expanded again to Magnolia Elementary School. In the future, Reading to Kids hopes to expand this successful program to other elementary schools in the downtown Los Angeles area.

Participating Schools

Esperanza Elementary School (first reading club: March 2000)
680 Little Street
Los Angeles, California 90017
(213) 484-0326

  Principal:               Felicia Michell
  Assistant Principal:   Paula Kurilich
  LIteracy Coordinator:    Marta Gardner
  School profile:

Gratts Elementary School (first reading club: May 1999)
309 S. Lucas Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90017
(213) 250-2932

  Principal: Luis Valentino
  Assistant Principal: Andrea Donahoo
  School profile:
  School home page:

Magnolia Elementary School (first reading club: March 2001)
1626 S. Orchard Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90006
(213) 748-6281

  Principal: Jim Kennedy
  Assistant Principal Juan M. González
  School profile:
  School home page:

Noble Elementary School (first reading club: April 2003)
8329 Noble Avenue
North Hills, California 91343
(818) 892-1151

  Principal: Margaret Espinosa-Nelson
  Reading Teacher: Andrew Chait
  School profile:


  Reading to Kids is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.